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Safety not an issue for House Of Representatives

cluelesstrophyThe cell phone ban has been defeated in the house because they’d rather put an additional $50 fine on a ticket.  Now a whopping $50 is really going to stop people from using cells while driving (especially a rebellious teen with a fake jewel encrusted cutie phone).  The $50 really helps those families of cell phone induced wrecks with the funeral arrangements and family loss after someone talking on a cell driving kills one of their family.  It makes you wonder how much the cell phone industry contributed to the future election funds of House Of Representatives members.

This is just a completely, and totally clueless action by the House Of Representatives that could have easily increases road safety by a decent percentage.  Obama may be a chance, bt obviously the House is not one.  This is a typical instance of our government selling out our safety for another industry.

Click Here for a reference article from Tom Barnes of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Click Here for an older (and slightly more humorous) post about the cell phone ban.

To the 95 members of the House that voted “Nay!” … you all get a clueless award.


PS – To those idiots with the phones stuck to the sides of their heads driving …. that {{thump}} wasn’t a speed bump.

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