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Drunken Woodland Hills Rat Pack

cluelessandconfused1Just our luck – we were scanning the news sites for someone or something to give a “Clueless Award” to and we found five youngsters that worked so very hard to gain our attention.

The five youngsters that are all aged 13 made the grade. The brought alcohol to school, and one went as far as to get so drunk he had to be taken to the hospital. Now, kids in my day did those things around 15 or 16 … and had enough sense to avoid cameras, and not fall over drunk (it kind of gives your condition away). Don’t get any idea that SWB condones this … but that we are just pointing out that if they are starting this young, the are striving hard for get a Darwin Award each.


The “Clueless Award” goes to the teen five-some and their parents, because I’m sorry – because there is some responsibility to teach your kids a slight bit o’ common sense.

Click Here for the incident as logged by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


PS – “Look Tommy”, the student said to another while pointing at a security camera with a bottle of booze, “I think that might be a security camera.” Looking at the camera, Tommy replied, “I think so …. oops …. Johny just passed out drunk. Do you think we’ll get in trouble?”

FYI – I see future “Yinzers” in the making.

Kids – a personal message from SWB: “You didn’t look cool, you just looked stupid – and that will stick with you for a long, long time.”

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