National Archives – Oops They Did It Again!

swbtherantfilesYou guessed it! You were right!  The dudes and dudettes  in the government that spank us when they find little issues with a company’s security lost ANOTHER hard drive that will compromise national security and a whole lot of people’s identities.

Somehow, SWB figures that no longer are people the least bit surprised – when you let important places and things be watched by incompetent people, things happen.  People now expect issues like this. Sad.

The figured they lost the hard drive somewhere in a five month period when they were working on data conversions.  It was left on a shelf unsecured and unchecked according to this report from the Washington AP as seen on If I left sensitive data unsecured in my job – I would be immediately fired.  If not, the organizations tht regulate them would shut them down.

utternonsenseprodSo, since the government now does this on a regular basis, we’ll give them an Utter Nonsense honorable mention, until we find out how bad they really screwed up with this issue. We have a feeling we will be revisiting this again.



PS – I try not cut down our government, but when they stand in front of you with a bat and say, “Sir, please hit me with this” … you just gotta.

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