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It’s A Nutty World Out There

cluelessandconfused1As the FDA is always clueless and confused (sometimes with the government helping it along) … it allowed more nuts out there again.  SWB is wondering who paid them off this time to allow things to pass through … or what funds the government passed making them cut needed inspectors.  Well the latest “oops” was reported by Kraft foods when it detected salmonella in pistachios.   Again, they came from in or near California which has had some issues in the past few years with contaminated food (and mixed of imported contaminated food).

Well, SWB hopes you hated pistachios … because you can’t eat ’em anymore.

… and the full “clueless and confused” award goes to the FDA and our government for missing another issue.

Anyways …. Click Here for a good article on the current status of pistachios by The Associated Press ad appearing on the KDKA website.


PS – If terrorists are as smart as they appear they are becoming … they will just sit, sip wine, and wait for us to poison ourselves as we trust the FDA to actually inspect food.  And people wonder why gardening and home hydroponics re thriving.  Go figure, right?  Maybe Granny wasn’t so stupid growing and bottling her own stuff.

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