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Come One, Come All – the AIG three ring circus is on

It must be nice to receive a bonus larger than to total amount I will ever make in my whole lifetime – especially when it’s paid to promote my retention with a company I no longer work for. It seems like that last sentence doesn’t make that much sense – which is why the Feds are going after AIG and Liddy today. This is another company build on the company motto “There’s a sucker born every minute”. Actually I think AIG altered that statement to “There’s countries of suckers born every minute”.

AIG says it was contractually obligated to pay the bonuses, but companies like GM and Chrysler, etc adjusted and renegotiated their contracts with employees to cut down on bonuses. This causes more people to question what AIG is saying and also proving that bonuses were probably paid as favors. Now the Government is going to tax those bonuses 70% to 100%, which means they saw through AIG’s lies too. This is good, considering the government can retroactively tax us, let them do it to $10 million dollar bonus recipients too.

Personally, though – I agree with the one senator that said the execs that brought the company down and actually took bonuses should go the Japanese way: Apologize and resign in shame, or commit professional suicide.

Here is the latest reference article from KDKA.

Update: From BBC News … “AIG CEO Admits Mistakes” … no kidding, really??


PS – hmmm … thinking this could get big … hmmmm.

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