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Obama supporting clean energy

sunsetrise028This is getting filed under “cool stuff” mainly for the article from KDKA highlighting The Energy Plan being part of the new budget.  It will include provisions for loans for small alternative/clean-energy companies to help them get into the start-up phase.  It will also help clean energy entrepreneurs and others doing research in those areas.  Contrary to popular belief, the current President does not only support clean coal burning.

The article from KDKA hits mostly on the subject or budgetary interests for clean energy, but there are many good related stories on the article link.


PS – I still say putting hyper dogs in running wheels and feeding them caffeine is the answer … but nobody listens to me.

  1. diysolarpanelsite
    May 16, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    I personally think that every government globally should put down their feet on the subject clean energy, living green, solar power geothermal or anything related to that when we really see what is ahead of us with the current way of life.
    It would be so beneficial because, we will have less polution, less shortage of power, global warming would be less severe and we all will spend less and live healthier.

    Long story short, It’s a WIN WIN for all.

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