How Loaded Guns in National Parks affects your credit

swbtherantfilesSo how does a the right to carry a loaded gun in a National Park affect your credit?  Well, let me tell ya:

That credit card reform bill is slightly endangered by another bill attached do it that has nothing to do with it.  That’s right – you getting relief from the unscrupulous actions of the credit card companies could depend on some idiots right to carry a loaded gun in a National Park and wildlife refuges (which doesn’t event remotely make sense – because, really you are not allowed or supposed to shoot anything in those places anyway.  They are to be protected areas).

As seen near the end of this article from the Washington AP as it appears on, and the possible thanks to gun loving Republics Senator Tom Coburn of Oaklahoma, credit card reform could be in danger because people like Dick Cheney want the ability to shoot more friends inside national parks and wildlife reserves (they attached that bill that allows you to carry loaded guns in those areas to the credit card reform bill so it would also be passed if the credit card reform bill was passed).  The only bright spot is the fact that House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer wants to vote separately on the two issues.

cluelesstrophyWe didn’t want Senator Tom C to feel bad, so we figured he deserved a Clueless Trophy for being such a dolt to attach a worthless bill to another very valuable bill, proving that good ol’ boy politicians still need to go. I’m sure Sentator Tom Coburn will try a little harder and get a full blown Utter Nonsense award along with his Clueless Trophy to display in his award case at home.

BTW – this type of thing happens all the time in our government, but the schools don’t bother to really teach that anymore in political science … wonder why?


PS – I’m waiting for the article where Tom Coburn shoots himself in the foot in a National Park or wildlife reserve … you know it’s gotta happen at some point. Wouldn’t you also want to not do something that may irk the general population during the time that your party (Republican) declared on the news it was their comeback time so they don’t look stupid also?

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