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Teens proving their stupidity

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

When we do things in PA, we do them right.

Even the teens.  When I was young, many of us did our best to show our stupidity by doing dumb things like egging a car, a tree … fairly non destructive stuff.  Well, each generation tries harder and harder … and I think this generation’s teen have hit a historic milestone in the heights of stupidity.

In this article by Margaret Harding of the Tribune Review, teens did damage to 21 vehicles by running and jumping on them (fortunately someone did have a camera pointed their way, so maybe they can determine the fate of some of those teens). It’s nice to know courtesy of today’s quality of teens PA will most likely head into history looking like a state full of idiots (and we thought the politicians would end up doing that for us).

Full SWB Clueless Award to these kiddies (and hopefully a few mug shots too)


PS – Parents … keeping your kids feeling all good and happy via no discipline enables them to do things like this – oh who am I kidding voicing this to parents that don’t wanna hurt their kiddies feelings because the world is sooooooo hard.

BTW … The Port Authority said the cameras they ordered for the parking lot have not come in yet (translation: We didn’t order any and we’ll wait till this blows over so we don’t have to).


More Signs Of Spring in the Burgh

April 1, 2009 Leave a comment

phippsbutterflySo far I have my fig trees out of dormancy, seedlings started for corn, tomatoes, corn, etc … and no flowers. I’m trying, give me time. Maybe I’ll just leave it up to Phipps this year to fill me spring flower needs.


Anyway … the signs of spring in Pittsburgh are starting to become more bountiful:

  • The Pittsburgh Pirates are in spring training and are hoping they won’t get beat by the pee wee teams again. Click Here for PG reference article.
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming together under the new coach and we’ll get to see next season if they still hold it together. Click Here for PG reference article.
  • Parents are worried about tuition and if it will be there. Click Here for PG reference article.
  • Pitt dropped the ball, but at least Penn State still has a shot. Click Here for the Tribune-Review reference article.
  • Long lost diseases are springing up from the ground. Click Here for the Tribune-Review reference article.

SWB ‘s signs of spring:

  • I moved out of an apartment so I now have to start cutting the **** grass again.
  • The doggy poop cans in the park  starting to get thaw and get ripe.
  • Rust on Pittsburgh bridges is coming into full bloom.
  • The salt coating on the car is starting to melt off … taking most of the paint with it.
  • Band camp is starting … why … oh … why???
  • Spring drivers are out and wrapping themselves around telephone poles.
  • BBQ grills and corner drug transactions are starting to pop up.
  • Romantic interludes happening in public places (this item added for my friends at The Cork Factory)

Things SWB misses at the beginning of spring:

  • Seeing the river through the walkway on The Smithfield Street bridge.
  • The return of the pretzel guy downtown (stale pretzels never tasted so good).
  • The smell of coming from underneath the bleachers at Three Rivers Stadium.
  • Sweating in a PCC Trolley while riding out to South Hills Village.
  • Seeing people almost fall into the Fort Pitt Bastion at Point State Park before it was buried.

The Economy May Be Worse Than We Thought

February 19, 2009 Leave a comment

chains120208Chains Of Government

No …. really???

Everyone is saying Obama now realizes the economy may be worse than thought and may take longer to recover. Now, I know this man is fairly smart – so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and figure he is bracing everyone for the time it would take to recover the economy in the first place and let everyone know the God-send that the press made him is not going to make the economy recover any faster.

And, Of course the Dems are making a few trade-offs to get the package moving before the economy crashes beyond the point of no return. And, of course, the Republicans are trying to discredit Obama and the Dems (you get cranky when you lose power).

Who knows, the Dems may fail, making Obama look really bad and discredit the Dems themselves, but then again things may work and the Republicans may lose power for more than four years. The funny thing is that when the Republicans were in power they fully supported (maybe not the way Bush wanted to do it because they were distancing themselves from him) dumping the same amount of money into the economy to help recover it.

Welcome to the real world of politics folks – the systems of “checks and balances” went south a long time ago. I fully envision Lincoln growing hair in his grave just so he can pull it out again in frustration with our current government.

– Just my opinion ….. everyone has their’s.

P.S. The ‘tunnel of doom’ subway that the Port Authority Of Pittsburgh is drilling may just be saved by the recovery package …. YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! <—- Try to note the extreme lacing of sarcasm in this last statement.

North Shore Connector having money issues again

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment


Again ….. go figure,

Again ….. Pittsburgh didn’t need it,

Again ….. The best example of the worst waste of money EVER in the city of Pittsburgh!!

Again ….. Proof that when the residents say it’s a waste of time and don’t want it, the city and county DO NOT LISTEN (same thing when the residents voted against TWO stadiums).

Again ….. Proof that corruptions and favors will prevail over good business decisions,

As much as I like Luke …. maybe Peduto needs to get in a position of power (at least his idea of refurbishing rail lines to Oakland and surrounding areas is something that would actually benefit the city).


I personally hope that this project fails and does not get bailed out. If it gets bailed out, more useless projects like this will be created and waste even more of the city and county’s monies – pulling that funding away from useful projects (ya know ….. like educating our kids so they can do something other than dunk fries).

Reference Article on KDKA

Pittsburgh Port Authority strikes again

May 23, 2008 6 comments

Yup … they’re thinking about striking again …. for what????

  • They are some of the highest paid in the nation.
  • They can pretty much drive anyway they want and not get ticketed.
  • Some of the newbies start at wages higher that what I get and I’ve been working my industry for 20 years.
  • They will still get to retire at 60 while the rest of us will have to work until we are dead.
  • They will still get some level of pension – that word isn’t in most people’s vocabulary anymore.
  • (this list could go on for about 3 pages … but I’ll be nice)

Check out the article in the Post-Gazette.

So .. Onorato wants to push them to be financially responsible (considering bad management pretty much blew most of the authority’s money – why don’t the employees now find those management persons and hang THEM?) … so they want to sue him

I’m all for unions (had lots of family in them) – but this is where the unions shoot themselves in the foot (remember the unions at the steel mills – ya don’t see the steel mills anymore do you?) and eventually hurt their members and the city itself.

So to the Port Authority ……. WTF? Why are you complaining when you have it better than 90% of the city? And you wonder why Pittsburghers have a growing disdain towards PAT bus drivers.

To Onorato …… maybe you would ask a private company to come in and give the Port Authority a little competition and new perspective on the issue?

Again, to the Port Authority ….. WTF?