St. Patrick’s Day Parade Changes

Well, it’s less than a week from the 2010 St. Patty’s Day parade, and if you haven’t heard there are changes.

Yup … in a town that pushes back against changes like a 767 jet engine pushing back against a 100 ton hydraulic press … that seems a little weird.

I mean … no party in Market Square.  Who cares if it’s a mud pit right now … nobody is usually coherent enough during the parade to care or notice, and if they wake up back home covered in mother earth they’ll just figure they forgot to take their clothes off before hitting the mud bath at the spa.

And no open alcohol.  That’s an issue.  Not that I’m pro-drunks or of the thinking that being Irish is about being drunk.  Absolutely not … that’s just offensive.  This issue is that the best part of the parade is not the parade (although that is a good show) – it’s watching the drunks pinging off the telephone poles. Since most of the poles are metal in the city, depending on the frequency and size of the heads hitting them, you can occasionally hear a tune being played from the pings … honest.

I’ll miss that.

… and what excuse will you have for your boss when he’s working on the weekend and sees you dancing on top of the parked cars in the street??  If you actually did things like that sober, you probably wouldn’t be working for him.


PS – Oh well, change happens … sometime not for the best.

Anyway, Click Here for a link with some info on the changes from Channel 4.

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