Review: Popeye’s Chicken

swbtherantfilesCaught off guard with a review having a “Rant Files” pic on it?  Read on, you’ll get it.

Update: As requested by a reader from New Orleans we would like to clarify this is dealing with mostly the Pittsburgh site (SouthSide) and the Waterfront.  Primarily Pittsburgh.

Products – decent.  The food is decent, etc. etc.  That’s where it all ends.  Search up Popeye’s Chicken Complaints – you’ll find sites and sites about issues ranging from major customer service issues to stories about racism (I consider reverse-racism straight-out racism also simply because not matter what color against what color ….. RACISM IS WRONG!!)

Before I rant … here is where I come from:  I lived in an area which had what I call allot of hidden “racism”.  If you were white, it was a great place to raise a family.  If you were a black family coming in in the late 80s (when I lived there), there was a good chance of a cross burning.  No, I’m not kidding.  This place was near Pittsburgh also.

Fortunately I was brought up with enough influences to not care what skin color a person had.  The proper skin color is definitely not a requirement to become someone’s friend, or simply be treated like a human being. Therefore since I was friends with and knew black people in the area I lived in in the lat 80s, and surrounding areas I was called a “n***** lover” and took the occasional beating for it.  Needless to say I find any racism (white against black, or black against white) extremely offensive.  All it does it breed hatred.

Well, when I went in to a certain Popeye’s with my family with a coupon that had no start date and an ending date of 07/09/09 I would told very rudely that they would not accept it because it was sent out to early – do indication of when it stared at all.  Fast food establishments all have provisions to work with these issues, that was customers are never refused service.  So I know it could be sold regardless of the issue.  Keep in mind the cashier treated the people in front of me nicely, but immediately changed her tone when we stepped up.  The people in front of us and behind us where black.  The manager took the same attitude when he told me to either order something else fairly rudely and addressed the customer behind me nicely. If I would have done this as a white business owner I would have had the NAACP down my throat, not to mention the news and every lawyer in town at my business.

Also … as a supposedly EOE (Equal Opportunity Employer) the site clearly was not supporting that either.

When I looked on the web for other complaints (to make sure I wasn’t judging wrongly) I found an amazing amount of complaints similar, and an overwhelming amount of customer service complaints.  This is sad as Popeye’s is a business that is seen as representing the black community, and due to the very poor customer service (I have yet to be at a Popeye’s that had anything that resembled customer service at all) and apparent support of hatred towards others by the company, it’s making that community look very bad. I have been in and supported (and still support) many black owned (or non-white owned … if you want to be P.C.) businesses because they are run extremely well.  I will support any business that is run well – Popeye’s is not one of them.

Final Decsion – Don’t ever eat at Popeye’s again …. oh, and good luck finding or getting contact information for them online.  It’s there, but you’ll have to search hard – they obviously don’t want to hear it.

Reference site examples:


Final Word – racism is racism, humans are humans ….. your skin color isn’t the deciding factor on whether you should be treated as a human being or not.  Don’t support this chain … it supports the hatred everyone is trying so hard to get rid of.

cluelesstrophyLast but not least …. Popeye’s gets  a clueless trophy for two things:

  • The poorest possible customer service in any fast food chain.
  • The continued breeding of racism and teaching the wrong way to treat human beings.
  1. June 12, 2009 at 10:51 am

    What a shame,

    To be treated so poorly at a place where youy are trying to spend your hard earned money. I think that it is about the same as branding all Popeyes the same and taking the time to post it on the internet. I do challenge the idea that Popeyes food is “decent” It is by far the best flavor of the “fast food” places we have to choose from in La. I amm of course biased in my o2 because I am from New Orleans where the product was born. I have been t5reated the exact same at a Popeyes as well as McDonalds, Burger King Wendys, KFC,Taco Bell,etc etc etc… To rant in negative and wallow in the self pity why not try to do or say something positive to appeal to the folks who have the time and interest to read thge criticisms on the net? Like my Mama always says, “if you have nothing nc to say “shut up.” Actually an appeal to people in the spirit of kindness and a fair cririque instead of a childish negative rant would probob ly appeal to more people than an outburst like this with the pre claimer of being such a “fair and unbiased” customer whohas beemn wronged. I suggest you directly call Cheryl Bachweilder, the President of Popeyes in Atlanta Georgia. I am sure the “female” president of the second largest chicken fast feeder in the world will certainly be interested in your plight. In the mean time hitch up yoour britchs and do something positive in the world to make a change.

    • SWB
      June 12, 2009 at 11:34 am

      You have good points, but here is my reply to that:
      1. If you only say something nice to corporations and not giving them feedback you are basically kissing their butts and letting them do whatever they want to their customers ….. notice the way the economy is now and why people don’t get paid fairly ….. that is why that happened (just in case you missed that in the news). “Shutting Up” got us all in the mess we are in now. “Shutting Up” is not having enough guts to speak your mind.
      2. As far as Cheryl ….. if you look on the net, you’ll find that may a people have called and attempted to contact Popeye’s …. along with me with absolutely no reply or answer back. E-mail addresses to the company and 800 complaint and/or customer service lines have been called useless. If they would even contact back I would and show they are at least considering taking action, I would be more than happy to edit the post into a very “fair” review as you call it. Right now they don’t deserve it because there are many people they have not returned contact too. Again see the internet for lots of that being documented.
      3. I would have been more specific about the opinion of Popeye’s just in the Pittsburgh area, but I found too many complaints internet-wide to keep it that way. Management was clearly untrained in both sites in Pittsburgh, and that training had to come from somewhere (ie. Corporate).
      4. A Fair critique is only given when fair service is given.
      5. I never once said I was fair and unbiased – no review is. I simply was telling people of the influences I had growing up.
      6. It’s amazing you call it a “childish rant” – but if it came from a minority group it would be praised for “getting the word out”.
      7. This was not to offend New Orleans, which is an excellent place with great people.

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