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The Glory of Windshield Wipers

September 16, 2016 Leave a comment


Yeah, we expected that response with the title.

Let me explain a little further.

You’ve  been married for a long time, even though the amazing intimacy has disappeared a long while ago, you still have your best friend.

You now have a teenager, so your Dodge Viper has been traded in for a used mini-van, and you are toting your teen around to every event because you could buy a new car for the yearly insurance on a teen for your auto.

Your teenager has now discovered the joys of human attraction … so the boy “friends” or girl “friends” are now showing up droves and you can’t keep the names straight (let alone which one your teen is with).

The joys of a brand new tech toy, brand new sports car, brand new boat, brand new house, etc have fleeted away a long time ago …. with most of you personal time and pocket change.

So what do windshield wipers even have to do with this (remember this IS a blah blah blah article)?

You finally skimmed enough off the top of the family funds to afford your new set of $12 snazzy windshield wipers from Wally World.

The moral of the story – you’re old.

Next week the kiddies will have you in a retirement home.





You know you are old when …..

June 25, 2009 Leave a comment

swbhuh….. one of the first things you see when you open up the newest edition of The Pittsburgh City Paper is an ad for an Abba Tribute Band …..

….. and it’s not even at someplace cool like the “new” Station Square Amphitheater, or Mr. Smalls. It’s at the Benedum. Not that the Bededum isn’t a great place, but at least at the amphitheater or Mr. Small’s, you can go to the concert wearing a Pink Floyd shirt and lie about seeing a Pink Floyd tribute band instead. Nobody would believe that an ABBA tribute band was even allowed within 500 feet of a cool concert venue.


PS – I’m counting the grey whiskers now …..