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Rendell, the anti-education man

June 25, 2009 Leave a comment

swbtherantfilesI’m not trying to slander Mr. Rendell (even though I’d rather lick up pond scum from the side of a radio-active river than shake his hand), but merely point out one thing:

We’ve all heard time and time again how Rendell wants loves eduction and wants to do the bet for Pennsylvania … yet he totally drops funding for things like WQED. Now, WQED is not only for hippies and intellectuals as some believe. It’s a mainstay of many Pennsylvania households (along with Dave and Dave, and coleslaw on sandwiches). It’s also probably accounts for educating more people than all of the schools in Pennsylvania combined. If it wasn’t for Mr Rogers, some of us wouldn’t know how to treat people nice. If it wasn’t for Sesame Street, some of us wouldn’t know how to spell or count.

So, even with WQED’s amazing education value to the area and the potential for it to help produce highly educated people in Pittsburgh, Mr Rendell sees fit to drop the ball on it and pull the already measly 1.1 million it gets in state help.

cluelesstrophyTherefore, we are giving Mr Rendell the honor of being the first PA “anti-education man”. We hope you enjoy it. It come with (I believe) your second “clueless award”. SWB assumes you will do your best to collect a full shelf full of these.

To the PA’ins out there ….. even if it’s 1.1 million kids sending in one dollar each to WQED, or bunch of us sending in twenty dollars each … let’s show Mr Rendell we don’t needs his funding anymore. Although, I’m sure if a few of his buddies looked under their couch pillows they would find enough loose chump change to more than cover the 1.1 million that was pulled out of WQED’s reach …

Click Here to support WQED and your kid’s education.


PS – s’much for PA government supporting PA. Aren’t there some political positions in deep Siberia that we can recommend Ed for????


Rendell wants national gambling machine vendor

May 18, 2009 Leave a comment

swbtherantfilesOne single national video and gambling machine supplier for places tht have liquor licenses.   What a great way to promote competition and fairness within our own nation.  Make sure only one person or business can make money on a type of product, effectively putting everyone else in that industry out of business.  Rendell must be taking queues off of Hugo Chavez.

This is probably the mist un-American thing I have ever heard Rendell suggest and the bigger reason he really needs to step down for ever suggesting such a thing in this country.  I don’t support gambling, but most importantly, as an American, I won’t support a nationally, or even regionally created monopoly.  We have enough of them already (cable, electric, most other utilities, etc).

Click Here for  reference article by Gary Rotstein of The Pittsburgh Pittsburgh-Post Gazette.


PS –  I would have tried to put some humor into thos post, but Rendell suggesting on national provider for anything is a joke itself.

Rendell sniffs out PLCB

March 12, 2009 Leave a comment


First – Rendell is not my favorite guy, but I’m lovin’ him now!!. Remember how we highlighted previously that customer service training for the state store folks was a stupid project and a waste of time because they were already great at it?

Well, the contact seems to be a little tainted. Why? You ask?

Because the guy running Solutions 21 (the company awarded the contract) is sleeping with the regional manager for Western PA. Yup, it’s his wife. He was even clueless enough to thing people would believe he know nothing about the bid in advance.

Here is an Article from the Post-Gazette on the subject …..
and remember give some kudos to Rendell for taking action for this one.

cluelesstrophyAnd the clueless award goes to Buddy Hobart who obviously thinks the people of PA are brainless idiots.


PS – lots of dogs are named “Buddy” …… hmmmmm.

Students fight for their program

March 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is something you don’t hear about every day:

Students actually mobilizing politically to fight for a program that helps them greatly: The Governor’s Schools of Excellence Program. Gov. Rendell wants to drop the program to save 3.2 million. Nothing like helping the kids, right?

Well, they are fighting back … and one suggestion is that the state provides half the money, and private organizations the other half – so if you know anyone in business ask them to look over the article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and find a way to rally with these kids.


PS – 5th graders are smarter than politicians

Pittsburgh light rail extension (Pittsburgh T) goes over budget

October 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Go figure …. right?

Typical Pittsburgh … something going over-budget that we didn’t need that was most likely done as a political favor for someone. Now we are going to go back into deep debt for a project for the lazy that basically just eliminates walking across a bridge (which has actually become a tradition to do going to a game, anyway). Nothing like having $550 million dollar (oops, sorry … probably something like $800 million dollar) holes under the river that we really don’t need.

Boy … that $550 million could have gone a long way to support our current transportation system – or better yet, extended it into needed areas …… or even to the airport …… woooohooo ….. well that would make since. Considering there is a law against doing anything that makes sense in Pittsburgh and PA, I guess Rendell is just abiding by the law.

In honor of the Pittsburgh 250 Celebration, I think we should jump this one to the number one position of the Pittsburgh 250 stupidest things done in our city.

… was I being biased and sarcastic? Sorry ….. but I just think this project is stupid …..

related Post-Gazette article