Rendell, the anti-education man

swbtherantfilesI’m not trying to slander Mr. Rendell (even though I’d rather lick up pond scum from the side of a radio-active river than shake his hand), but merely point out one thing:

We’ve all heard time and time again how Rendell wants loves eduction and wants to do the bet for Pennsylvania … yet he totally drops funding for things like WQED. Now, WQED is not only for hippies and intellectuals as some believe. It’s a mainstay of many Pennsylvania households (along with Dave and Dave, and coleslaw on sandwiches). It’s also probably accounts for educating more people than all of the schools in Pennsylvania combined. If it wasn’t for Mr Rogers, some of us wouldn’t know how to treat people nice. If it wasn’t for Sesame Street, some of us wouldn’t know how to spell or count.

So, even with WQED’s amazing education value to the area and the potential for it to help produce highly educated people in Pittsburgh, Mr Rendell sees fit to drop the ball on it and pull the already measly 1.1 million it gets in state help.

cluelesstrophyTherefore, we are giving Mr Rendell the honor of being the first PA “anti-education man”. We hope you enjoy it. It come with (I believe) your second “clueless award”. SWB assumes you will do your best to collect a full shelf full of these.

To the PA’ins out there ….. even if it’s 1.1 million kids sending in one dollar each to WQED, or bunch of us sending in twenty dollars each … let’s show Mr Rendell we don’t needs his funding anymore. Although, I’m sure if a few of his buddies looked under their couch pillows they would find enough loose chump change to more than cover the 1.1 million that was pulled out of WQED’s reach …

Click Here to support WQED and your kid’s education.


PS – s’much for PA government supporting PA. Aren’t there some political positions in deep Siberia that we can recommend Ed for????

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