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Pittsburgh Light Up Night 2008 and Jeff Reed

November 22, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments


Made light up night … although since there was parking the kid missed out on the Smithfield Street bridge thing ….. but the blowhardedness of the CEOs speaking at Light Up Night more than made up for it.

It was actually a nice scene. This year they had the sense to use a big screen so the kiddies could see the action even from far back without the parents having to hold them on their shoulders while getting kicked in the face. Unfortunately they forgot a sound system that you could actually hear (which is about the only thing that made the CEO speeches tolerable).

Note to Duquesne Light: Don’t let the new guy in the mailroom run the soundboard during a major event that your company is sponsoring …. it makes you look like idiots. Oh, wait, sorry folks – I forgot we were talking about Duquesne Light, looking like idiots just can’t be helped. No loss here, I guess.

There were some cool things:

  • For the kiddies (tons of flashing lights to play with in the car on the ride home causing parents to wreck because the stupid wands are so **** bright you can’t see out the back window)
  • Santa singing like Bing Crosby (or trying to) …. pictured above. Never give a fat guy in a red suite a microphone, unless it’s fake.
  • Lots of holiday dance performances – all family oriented which didn’t make SW happy at all.

And for the adults:

  • The seduction of Steeler Jeff Reed (pictured below):


(even if I tried I couldn’t setup a goofier scene than this)

And of course, the memories created during the night:

  • Frozen tears due to frozen feet on the kiddies (thanks from the parents for scheduling the night later)
  • Showing your kid (that could care less) around the Block House and museum.
  • Explaining that Santa will get there in due ******* time.
  • Watching other parents lose it ….. and the cute couples making you want to vomit.
  • Thawing your kid in the microwave after you get home.

Oh, on a side note … where was Mayor Luke?? Did he sense a deep disturbance in the force and had to go help out? Did Yoda appear in his dreams last night and tell him his real father would be at the event? Were the powers that be scared Opie would take one of the lights from a kid again??? Maybe he just forgot it was Light Up Night ….. you never know with Opie ….. use your imagination, he’s young … there’s much to go with here.

  1. November 22, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    Luke was shown on the news this morning at Oxford Place (wherever that is?) pulling the switch for the tree/lights there and hanging out there.

  2. capozla
    November 24, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Ah … heard that too. The point being it would have been nice to have seen him at the family part of the night (maybe he would have pushed the CEOs off stage in support of the parents and kids freezing). BTW … If I didn’t like Luke I wouldn’t pick on him.

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