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Gotta love family and snow days

<— this should be a familiar sight for everyone by this time – even for the people down south ({{snicker}} … us northerners aren’t the only ones that got shafted this time … HA!!)

Anyways … the real reason for my post today is to present my theory on why we have snow days, leaving us to  babysit the younginz in our family until they have school again.

Here are the ‘normal’ legitimate reasons:

  • There is now power at the school.
  • The snow is so high and temperature so low it isn’t safe for the kids to wait for the bus (even though I had to walk to school is worse crap … which highlight my theory that the schools are producing wimps these days).
  • The teachers can’t make it to the school.
  • We can’t find the buses in the parking lot.
  • There is no heat in the school.

The REAL reasons:

  • Us, the teachers, really hate your bratty kids … you need to spend a few days with your little spawns of Satan to get a reality check. Enjoy your time freezing with them in your electricity free house while enjoying their endless whining.  We’ll be here staying in the school with generator power.
  • The electric company hates you … the electricity isn’t off due to downed wires – teachers paid them enough bribes to turn it off. The perfect combination of insanity instilled in your teachers after spending years with your children and the natural hatred of electric companies towards their customers allows this to happen … the bribes weren’t even necessary, but heck, it buys a few more gifts for the kids at Christmas next year.
  • God has a sense of humor … we’re just not getting it yet. The idea of being cooped up with all or a portion of your own family for days at end with no where to go is just behind the comprehension of most folks and usually considered an inhumane form of torture.

For those keeping up, click here for an update on the storm part 2 from KDKA.


PS – feel free to comment on your own reasons and theories for snow days.

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