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Pittsburgh Roads Bad update (storm of 2010)

Quickie Update Here (a few points about the current situation in the city, etc):

* 5th Avenue, Forbes, etc apparently are still ice covered and traffic is bad (as reported by my wife).  If you don’t have to travel or are not considered essential personnel, please do not drive into the city – you’ll just make things worse.

* The emergency personnel (fire, etc) have been called into active duty – so if there are any seniors out there that you know of that cannot get prescriptions, etc … call the city, some of those personnel have been pulled into duty to help with issues like that.

* You will start seeing National Guard around soon in the city.  They have the capability to move about in 5 feet of snow, allowing them to move around EMT’s, etc where other vehicles can’t.

*If you are a contractor that has snow removal equipment, tree removal equipment, front loaders, etc. call the city ASAP at 412-473-2550.

* We’re looking at 8″ to 10″ additional … so help where you can (in other words, get out of the way of the emergency road workers).

* Supplies are getting low in stores and gas stations … so please be courteous and leave some for other persons / families.  Don’t hog supplies.

—- Minor Stuff —-

* Power issues: Allegheny Power … about 62,000 still out, Duquesne Light … Duquesne Light about 3,800. Please comment back a correction if I am wrong.

* 311 line is being upgraded tomorrow to allow for 8 more lines to handle the call load for the current cleanup and the next storm coming in.


Updates from KDKA (Ravenstahl’s news conference info)

Updates from the City here (as of this writing it is set to the emergency page)

The Pittsburgh Channel for video updates

Tribune Review article/update on storm

Post-Gazette update on upcoming storm


PS – If you unnecessarily drive into Pittsburgh during this crisis, with the city under emergency status, this is one time you can consider yourself a complete idiot for making things worse.

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