SWB Anniversary Coming Up

ssw2004We are getting close to the 3 year anniversary of SWB.  It would be nice to plan a little something to celebrate the occasion, so please comment to this post if you are near the SouthSide area and are a reader.

This post is being written in the place where SWB started in mid-April 2006 … Crazy Mocha at SouthSide Works.  It was my first time blogging, and judging by the people that surrounded me at the time – the first time blogging for many.  At that time too, the blog was done on iWeb via .mac on my laptop and  grew to a point where it was read in about 14 countries, with enough hits per month that I started getting phone calls from Apple.

Things have changes.  We’ve moved the blog to WordPress and the blog is now mostly written on an EEE PC via the web.  The format has changed, the topics have changed, etc.  The one thing that hasn’t changed is that, sitting again in Crazy Mocha, I’m still surrounded by first time bloggers, and people that truly believe that they are writing the next book to get on the New York Times best seller list.

Well, post here if you are interested in celebrating with SWB mid-April for our 3 year anniversary (time and date tobe announced if there is enough interest).  We’ll try to get something going (I’d like to do something like a limited number or free expresso shots or house coffees at Crazy Mocha SouthSide, if I can afford it – or can find a sponsor.  I’m tossing up the idea also of doing something at Exposed 2009 also, but I haven’t discussed it with anyone yet.


PS – We hope to see you at whatever we end up doing …. if you can’t make it, rant for us on your own blog 🙂

BTW, the picture above is from 2004 when you could get a clear shot of the SouthSide Works Cinema because the building that houses Sur La Table, REI, etc were not built yet.  That was the view from my apartment at the time.

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