True Love Has No Job

… my wife and I noticed that saying when we were walking through SouthSide’s Riverfront Park on a nice sunny weekend.

Like a true husband (and yes, unemployed), I produced a big smile on my face looking over at my wife giving a look that said “see … I am true love because I have no job …”

That look wasn’t received as well as I thought it would be … actually the only thing I got out of it was her reply of “don’t even get any ideas”.  Not sure what that was pointed at, since I’m already unemployed.

BTW – that was painted on a trash can … which makes you think about it’s validity. One thing about it that I’ll agree with is that it applies to many today – especially with those supporting someone in the family that was the bread winner then got dumped when their company went under, etc.


PS – then again … it could have been painted on that garbage can in frustration by a guy that was dumped by his wife. It was kind of sloppy graffiti.

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