Digital Billboards that make you wreck

swbtherantfilesI was just advised of an article by John Schmitz of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette titled “Digital Billboards called driving threat“. It goes over a report from Jerry Wachtel stating that the new digital billboards are a major distraction and debates other well known reports that state otherwise. Of course Mr. Jerry didn’t bother to mention things like in dash DVD players, GPS systems, and texting units that require you to remove your hands from the steering wheel to operate them. These are far more serious distractions to drivers.

The real issues is the drivers, or at least the ones with no common sense (which amounts to approximately 80%). If you don’t belong in a car driving it, then you don’t belong in a car driving it. Simple. Anything can be a distraction in a car (kids yelling, pretty colorful birds flying ahead of you, a cool looking jet, the good looking woman next to the broken down car, etc) – it’s all up to the driver to train themselves on how to handle those situations.

So, we award a partial “Clueless Award” to Jerry for making something bigger than it is, and “Kudos” for knowing when it’s a slow news day (less the news of The Penguins winning game 7) and having the sense to take advantage of it.

Anyway, Click Here if you didn’t notice the link above to read the article. It does mention some extremely cool ways other areas are using the electronic billboard to help alleviate driver distraction. The Mini Cooper mention is quite neat.


PS – Giving Grandma that Sidekick and GPS unit for her car was probably a bad idea.

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