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Pittsburgh Cultural District Takes A Dump

Well, when the going gets bad in Pittsburgh, the tough give up.

When we all thought the Pittsburgh Cultural District would product what may have been one of the better or best living areas in the city – they gave up. The plan gave us national attention for the already world class area. Unfortunately it also now gives the area national attention for what people now think Pittsburgh does best – give up.

Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t delay it for a few years – but consider this: If they would have started this year or next, they would be completing just when all of the crisis would be over in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Think about how much they would have benefited.

Clip from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: (c)2008 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Government subsidies were planned to provide much of the overall financing, and the trust took responsibility for meeting with state, county and city leaders on their support, she said. It had the $12.3 million commitment from the state but told her in a meeting May 12 that the commitment had lapsed.

“The trust lost their courage upon that defeat. That’s the last thing that should happen,” Ms. Eastridge said.

Ummmm ….. no guts ….. get somebody in there that has a set of gonads for doing a big project and taking chances.

The Cultural Trust has really made it’s name for itself and the city nationally (no mistaking that is has done much for this city) — it could have really made it’s mark with this project internationally for itself and the city along with proving that an arts organization could do something at this level. Instead, it chose to say “I’m too scared” and stick it’s head under a rock so many people could say “yup …. we told you they couldn’t do it”.

Oh, well … I guess some outside developer only interested in sucking the money out of the city will take it over.

PS – Delaying would have looked smart – giving up was just dumping on the city that supports you.

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