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A New Thing On SWB

A new category will be added to SWB due to the upcoming elections for Mayor of Pittsburgh.  We will be attempting to interview all of the candidates via phone or e-mail. Preferably e-mail so we get their exact words published correctly. Tentatively we are planning to use 5 to 7 standard questions to allow voters a chance to judge the candidates by their responses. After that there will be 2 to 3  more light-hearted questions that may be directed specifically to public knowledge of the candidate so voters can judge a little bit about their personality by the responses, etc.  And finally each candidate will be alloted some space to comment freely about themselves.

Dok Harris has been kind enough to quickly respond to a request for an interview, which SWB is currently scheduling and will be posted as soon as it has been completed.

So, if you think you have a good question that can be asked of all candidates, please comment to this posting and if it comes in soon enough, we will try to get it into the mix. Please keep away from typical stuff like, “Do you like the Steelers?” and “What are you going to do about the potholes?”, because this is Pittsburgh and we already know the answers to those questions. Candidates are also more than welcome to answer any comments from readers added to this post.


PS – Any questions/responses reflecting hate, distastefulness, and just plain meanness, etc will be disregarded – but you may ask about preferences to fast food items.

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