Go Mayor! Go!

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Kudos to the Mayor for getting in the faces of the local press.  They deserved every word!

I’m sorry, with a small amount of exception our local press had digressed to that of The National Enquirer paparazzi.  Maybe they should all get together and start a new media business called The National Inquisitor (and go back to using a torture rack to obtain the news).

Come on folks, Pittsburgh basically started the news business with KDKA … let’s try to not put it into historical oblivion from complete digression due to greed for ratings.

I’m mean geez …. making up the story of him running off the Mardi Gras.  I have a feeling the media has more beads around it’s neck than the Mayor does.

As for the Mayor, if he was telling the truth (I don’t get to talk to the guy first hand) I applaud him (even in leu of any other mistakes he has made) for trying to be proactive.  Maybe he was seen as not doing that at first, but if he is learning that quality that is more important than anything.

No job demands 24/7 access to any human’s life (even the President of The United States) gets private time – so if the media here thinks they are that privileged then that means they also condone the Communistic Marxist attitude toward no privacy at all for anyone.  Put’s things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Nothing like sensationalism to kill a perfectly legitimate industry.

Us bloggers are out here just waiting to take your journalism jobs  – considering the public takes us more seriously than the professional media now, those jobs may not be too far from our taking.

Click Here for a link to The Pittsburgh Channel’s Video of Mayor Luke.


PS – When reporting anything to the public, besides humor keeping you feet planted on this planet is somewhat of a requirement.

BTW Mayor … may the force be with you (sorry, just couldn’t resist even in a rant post).

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