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Son Of Franco Harris running for Mayor


Clip of Dok’s site … click to go there

…. ahhh, a breath of fresh air ….. an honest person running for office that cares about the area ….. and as an independent.

Nothin’ like coming into the political limelight by taking on the the underdog status at 150%! So that means two things are going to happen:

  • He’ll bump everyone else off the ticket and win
  • or – He’ll get bumped into oblivion immediately

Being younger and with a very well respected father in the area – “Dok” might have a fighting chance. He’s also lacking in “hot air”, which may give him an even better chance.

He has the background needed … let’s see what he can do.

Good luck “Dok”. SWB will be following ya! Let’s see if a real Pittsburgher will pull through!

Here is the highlight article from WTAE News online.

.. and here is Doc’s website.

Please click here for the SWB interview (with e-mailed interview coming soon)

PS – Ya gotta vote for a guy that spells his nickname “Dok” instead of “Doc”. It’s a sign of the “silent but powerful for the good of the people type”.

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