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Childhood Lead Exposure

As seen in USA Today

Now I’m not 100% disputing the scientific evidence in this article, but it seems more and more like society is looking for scientific reasoning for human actions so people come up with excuses like “Killing mommy wasn’t my fault ….. how did I know licking the paint off of my tricycle when I was 9 would make me hate her so much.”

Somehow I can see a special interest group forming here:  “Lead Kids”.

Now lead will kill your memory and bring on high impulsivity … true.  On the other side ….. remember how science boasted that we could “re-train our brains”?  So much for that idea.  Now the consensus is that lead is an indicator of whether your child will get a criminal record as a juvenile.

I’m not against knowing what causes issues … but it seemed when I grew up and everyone was clueless, they tended to do a much better job of raising children who were productive parts of society and had the ability to overcome their issues.  Sometimes knowing too much is worse than knowing everything.

Maybe if we just go back to teaching our children the basics of right and wrong?

Hmmmmmm ….. that could work.

  1. July 9, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    I agree with you, it´s all about learning the wrong or no values at all. On the other hand every generation say about the next one that they wouldn´t have any values and the human kind still exists.

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