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Art All Night 2011 – the wait is over!!!

The Wait Is Over!!!
This is our traditional call out for this time of year.

Yes, it’s getting close, and time to start thinking about Art All Night (click on the logo to go to AAN’s website).

Why? … and for those of you that are new to Pittsburgh, you ask, “umm, OK, why??”

Art All Night, through it’s persistence has really become the official announcement to the start of the Spring/Summer art season in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.  You know spring is coming when you start hearing the volunteer calls for Art All night.  You know spring is here when you start seeing those Art All Night “calls for artists”.  You know one of the main qualities that defines this city is now in full bloom when the first person walks into Art All Night … an sees the defining artistic creativity of the residents of our city.  There is nothing better during this time of year to show you a visual definition of “Pittsburgh”.  Art All Night has become a staple of the area holding it’s artists together every year.  Click Here to read the rest of the article on Sophisticated Pittsburgh.


Art All Night 2010

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

The post icon is a little larger than normal – that’s because this is a really important time of the year.

At least in Pittsburgh and Lawrenceville.

It’s ART ALL NIGHT time!!!!!

SWB doesn’t have an entry, but Pittsburgh By Mini Cam does, so please check us out.  We have no idea where we will be placed, so that’ll force ya to look at all the other great artists at the show – last year it was over a thousand.

The other great thing is that you can to go through the old Iron City plant and maybe check out that place you’ve bought from for so long.

This show, in our opinion, is on of the best ways we have seen to showcase all of Pittsburgh’s artists freely and openly without politics or preferences.  Anyone can enter one piece of art, and anyone can view all of the art.  Every year we give major kudos to those that created and are now running the show (along with the tons of volunteers).

Along with being great for art … Art All Night IS the perfect example of how Pittsburgh works together to get something new and exciting started.  It shows that whether it’s about manufacturing or cultural activities, we are innovators in all ways.

So attend …. you may see one or your friend’s artwork there (or hopefully your own).


PS – Art All Night continually inspires a ton of other things in our city … so SUPPORT IT!

Strip District Religion

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Let’s talk religion.

Nope, don’t worry WORD-FM hasn’t taken over my blog … not yet (the restraints on the doors seem to still be holding).

Well, The Strip District is known (or maybe was) for being the main place for Pittsburgh nightlife.  Conveniently it also has a nice and historic church.  So, think about it … normally the only “religion” going on in the strip late night weekends is people “praying to the porcelain god”, and normally that’s done is a cold club restroom.

Why do that, when you have the comforts of a church (and not to mention God happens to be there … just in case your drinking went WAY to far – which is about the point in life where many finally “get religion” … ie. “Ohhhh Goooooood, I’ll NEVER do this again if you just make the pain stop … I’ll NEVER drink again, I promise …. honest.”)

So, why do that in a cold club rest room, right?  If you think even further, it saves you the heavy embarrassment of your friends remembering you doing the late night porcelain go praying in front of them … because most likely there’s a fat chance their going to be in a church.  There are perks like that to consider when you have religion in the strip district.

Just a thought for the strange.


PS – 9pm Friday night to about 1pm Sunday morning is involuntary prayer time in The Strip District.  Since St. Patty’s Day is this weekend, you might want to reserve space.

Review: The Cork Factory and ULI Award

April 23, 2009 Leave a comment

corkfactorycaptureCapture from The Cork Factory’s site … please click it to go there. Very few times in life do you get to stand photographing a building filled with homeless people on an abandoned site … and then get to live in it after it has become one of the hottest properties in your city. SWB has been able to to that at The Cork Factory and we would like to tell you about it. It’s worth your time.

For those that don’t like to read much: The price is very reasonable for the abundant amenities, square footage, chic look, socialization and contact generation. If you are a wine connoisseur you definitely won’t be disappointed in the place as the juice of the gods never stops flowing (ask the residents) and the quality of the wine as well as the quality of the residents is very high in a living space that is not unobtainable.

The Residents:

The residents are an amazing mix. The Cork Factory attracts all kinds from the typical middle class person wanting a wonderful place to live to those that could possibly buy a small country. The best thing is, unless you have seen one of those residents in the media, you most likely would not know who is who … because it is one of the few places you can live in the nation where you do not get treated any differently by anyone. The residents of The Cork Factory have created a true community … an amenity other apartment complexes have yet to successfully promote.

The Management:

The management has always been very professional and very willing to listen to any concerns. Staff working under then has always been very attentive to the residents and quite courteous. Whether it is just to hear a resident “vent” or listen to a change that really does need to be made the staff does their best to accommodate everyone. I can say I’ve never been brushed off by The Cork’s Staff.

The Amenities:

Pets … they allow dogs (and The Cork has created an amazing pet community within itself), 24 hour accessible library, 24 hour accessible bar/game area, 24 hour accessible concierge, free pool in the summer, free outdoor hot tub, bike storage, boat slips (charged), water taxi service (charged), storage (charged), garage parking (leased), and weekly get-togethers.

The Apartments:

The apartments vary, and you are allowed to request a new paint color, and make approved changed to your apartment that can be removed by you when you leave (in other words if you make changes, you have to have the apartment in original condition by move-out). This is great because The Cork Factory doesn’t limit you to living in a $1200/month cookie cutter box like some other large apartment establishments in Pittsburgh. This is subject to change, so please call the site to verify what is now allowed.

SWB’s contacts at The Cork Factory:

When we lived at the The Cork Factory the Management team was Debbie Roberts and Amanda Kopko. Debbie is still running The Cork Factory and Amanda is project manager of the Chicago project. Click Here for information on that.


Recently The Cork Factory has received The Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Award for Excellence: The Americas. Click Here for the ULI’s website. This is widely recognized as the land use industry’s most prestigious recognition and rewards program. We thank Sara B Moeller for alerting SWB to add this info.

The Development Company:

The Cork Factory was visioned and designed by McCaffery Interests.

Our Rating:

At least a 4.8 out of 5. It’s definitely worth the money, the company, and the fact that you can sip wine on the patio while watching the traffic on Rt28 that you don’t have to be part of.

The Cork Factory is now in SWB Recommends.

-SWB and thanks to Sara B Moeller for contributed information.

…. it sounds just like a jet ….

March 16, 2009 1 comment

cloudssnow112108Nothing like flying the wild blue yonder ….. re-using an old jet engine may come close.

I used to live at The Cork Factory in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, so I still get the posts from one of their resident forums to keep in tough with friends.

One current one that came up was about a jet-engine like sound possibly coming from across the river. Working in buildings with their own backup generators, I know that some of the newer turbo-charged models can sound like jet engines, so I politely explained that in a post back to the forum. Then, I started thinking ….. construction just started again on Rt28 (affectionately known as “death 28” by Pittsburghers). I’ve also heard that PennDOT has started to employee newer methods to get their workers moving more efficiently – the biggest challenge being the historically significant “shovel leaners”. When I say “historically significant” I do mean that because every picture of roads being built from the discovery of the wheel has included “shovel leaners”.

Anyway … due to the really bad economy, there were rumors that the business jet companies started parting out their planes and sold a few jet engines to PennDOT to get the “shovel leaners” moving. It was the only method that generated enough thrust to get them to move from their pre-planted secured positions at the work-site.


PS – I have a great deal of respect for the “shovel leaners” – it’s almost as perfect of a job as a meteorologist.