The Green

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“Green In Me” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Growing in a concrete world,
softening the hardship in life.

Natural in it’s dreams,
the green in me.

Blades waiving in the wind,
buffering the bad that has been.

Part of fixing strife,
it’s existence crucial.

Part of living life,
food for the lost.

Coloring cities – taking bland away,
keeping those thinking to not stay.

Many a decision green makes,
from the simple to the critical every day.

Green in life,
makes everything OK.


Wiener World (A Pittsburgh Icon)

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“Hot Dog King” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

No … this is not a blog posting on a less than family friendly movie.

Get you head out of the gutter.

No, really – stop thinking that!!!! It’s REALLY embarassing.

To the food …

Wiener World is probably one of the last established long time food icons left in the city that almost brings visions of a New York scene in an episode of Seinfeld. We did try the soup guy thing, but that didn’t stick.

I guess hot dogs are easier —- everyone loves a hot dog. I mean, what’s better than something that contains 2% of stuff that should never be in your daily intake. Just kidding.

WW has been around in the city ever since I can remember – sort of like S.W. Randall Toys and Gifts. It’s one of those things that’s never not been there. It’s also one of those things you easily forget to visit occasionally.

Don’t miss out on this one …. it’s a treat.

Tradition, taste, and hot stuff on a bun … perfect!

Our rating … we skip on this one. You just can’t rate tradition. Kudos to Wiener World for keeping it alive.


PS – don’t forget the chili.


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“City Sky” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

it’s nature to live for.

sophistication on high.

tradition found.

change to erase.

things required.

more than have-nots.

views for few.

far and far.


Falling Ahead

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“Late Fall” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Falling ahead,
i though it was over.

Instead another color nova.

Waiting until late,
until summer thought it was here.

Behind and coming around a corner,
born a second color fall for all.

Ended we thought,
but right we were not.

Golden-red still falling,
continued lost in the storm.

The beauty in colors saved,
a reminder of nature’s beauty paved.

Delayed colors in light,
putting a bright day before the night.


Big Truck Rant (Maybe)

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Earlier this week I was picking up lawn mower parts at a big box hardware store. While I was there and going up the road that accesses the store a truck basically pushed myself and one or two other cars behind me almost or into the lane of opposing traffic.

Typical scenario – right? Typical action on a truck driver, right?

I don’t believe so – I have too many friends that professionally drive, so I don’t believe this in any way is typical. I believe a truck driver doing this is the minority.

Having said that, I beeped simply because I didn’t think the driver noticed me. At the angle he was going there was a strong possibility of a big blind spot. I finally got past him and proceeded to park and go into the store to purchase the parts I needed.

When I was in the store, the truck driver sought me out and confronted me.

He started with “Thanks for the beep – I was in the truck”.

I replied with “I beeped because I didn’t think you noticed me already half was up your rig since you only turn your turn signals on half into the turn”.

He replied with “That’s BS” and proceeded to harass me in the store. When I walked away he aggressively followed me until I got to  customer service desk. I alerted the rep of the situation and quickly checked out to make sure thy driver did not go back out to damage my car.

Later I alerted the big box hardware co via their customer service email of the harassment and fear that the driver may have also taken down my license plate to harass me or my family later.

The big box hardware co replied back with a letter that basically said “unfortunately they’re just a vendor to us, so we really don’t care”. In other words “we have better lawyers than you could ever get ….. so don’t worry about trying to take legal action to protect yourself”.

Now … this is a rant post if the driver was wrong in finding a harassing a customer of a business they were supplying it.

So, knowing other professional drivers and having their opinions … what do SWB’s readers think?  do I pursue or drop?

I still award a clueless trophy to the driver for being dumb enough to harass a customer of a business you want to remain a vendor for.


Broken Doors

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“Doorway” (c)Lawence A Capozzolo

Broken Doors sitting alone,
once to freedom now to blight.

Open in past finding chance,
now hanging unto slowing rust.

Pathway once to dreams,
creating nightly imagination.

Things once better through a door,
today all questions – not much more.

Walking through is a job,
will the rust hold on?

Will the door fall,
ending the dreams and all?

Broken doors, everywhere,
seldom noticed, always feared.



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“Rusted Escape” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Escape when I can,
to another land.

Running away in a dream,
allowing me to be.

A life botched,
i’m trying to live not.

Corrections to be made,
directions lacking the way.

Eluding some say,
responsibilities of the day.

Wanting nothing new,
avoiding and delaying change.

Escape meaning much,
when life seems out to lunch.


A Beer’s Lament

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“IC Shadow” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

A beer’s lament,
a passion unkept.

Smoke up a tube,
mash boiling in June,

A tongue tied in a bun,
tasting no longer fun.

A beer’s lament,
a passion toyed.

Shadowed from light,
it seems no longer right.

-SWB … celebrating bad poetry n brews.


Used To Be

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“Used To Be” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

I used to be important,
shaping the land.

Paving ways,
for plants growing tall and grand.

Now sitting lost,
my used seems none.

I fear my life become,
rusted and done.


Memories Unbroken

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“Beehive SouthSide” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Clear in my mind,
words spoken enter the light.

Smells of fresh flakes of coffee,
grab the sounds romping in my mind,

The colors around,
from life being poured by the pound.

Many a state of mind,
created in the midst.

Memories that bind,
enduringly enrapt in my mind.


Saving The World

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“Saved” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Saving the world,
part of my job.

Not saying much,
times ignored.

The power I hold,
renews a chance.

Families to be given,
a second time to plan.

Persons entrusted,
a second gift to give.

A new time to live,
just part of my job.


The Movies

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“The Warner” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Warner Centre in Pittsburgh PA. Click here for a great article from The Post-Gazette on it.

Basically where I first viewed “Empire Strikes Back”. Memories.

I remember standing in line with my mother waiting to get in and hit the snack counter. A Star Wars fan … but still a kid. Sweets trumped getting a good seat. Besides – like everyone else I would see it at least 75 times (today’s cost over $800).

“The Movies” are something everyone remembers, and although they are coming back, today they lack the same sentimental memories. I mean those memories of friends huddled in the theater  annoying the other patrons, your buddies throwing popcorn at the back of your head during the film, and occasionally getting kicked out – which is why you probably needed to see the movie 75 times (you weren’t a fanboy or fangirl – you just saw the movie a few minutes at a time … and you could afford to do that in times past).

The movies also lost a little bit of art in them.  The art of physical editing, photography based on the chemical methods of development and how it affected the end result on the screen (still done today for specialized shooting), and the low clicking and hum you could still hear from the projectors in the back of the room. It all added to the experience.

Even with theaters popping up in communities new it’s still a little different. Drive-ins are still recovering (the ones that can with the forced upgrades to digital projection). New film makers are finding their footing (all digital, back to film, or hybrids). “The Movies” are truly in a transitional stage – which will last for years.

Maybe things will reset … new isn’t always best, or always desired.

If you see “The Movies” coming back in your community … support them. They may be the sentimental memories you need when you end up in that rocking chair on the front porch.



Not What I Expected

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“Not What I Want” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

A gloomy day with no sun,
not what I expected for first sight.

Upon opening my eyes and what I felt in my head,
i think I woke up in a trench to a morning I would dread.

Breakfast will be the perk I need,
opening the door, greeted by milk looking to burst.

I’ll grab something, I think,
going for my jacket, my keys on the floor I see.

Looking up I see hanging there,
jacket torn — it’s a great ‘morn.

Now a windy day … appropriate to push me along,
opening the door, now airborne, soon I see it no more.

This day not what I expected,
praying for better I feel neglected.

Not asking for much,
surely someone thinks I expect more than I deserve.

I walk to my car – foot landing in something like tar,
the same color as my shoes I figure no one will notice.

This morning not what I want,
causing my ambition to turn to fluff.

A happy day,
not what I expected.


… a “case of the Mondays” poem.

Night Light

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Bad Animal Poetry Division

Night light, night bright,
the gopher’s going to eat my garden tonight.

Standing in the night light,
I see beady eyes bright.

A giggle I hear,
from under my house, through a little square.

Grinding of teeth,
prepping for a bite.

My award winning garden,
is going away tonight.


… remember, we warned you it was bad poetry.

Patterns In Life

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“Patterns” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Patterns in life,
notice them soon.

Blurred as they go by,
forgotten in time.

Beauty in memories,
these patterns create.

Turning dreams into life,
is never too late.