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Christina Aguilera the national bumble (Super Bowl XLV)

Our new controller, slave driver, and oppressor (www.sophisticatedpittsburgh.com) is allowing The Rant Files to make a few cameos.  After watching the Super Bowl, they felt the need was justified (and not because the Steelers lost).  BTW – there will be an article honoring Coach Mike Tomlin on there later today.  Make sure you check it out.

OK … on to the subject of the actual post.  In regards to that, one quick question:


No, not WTF? but …


You have heard many times SWB praising Christina for her natural talent that has been extremely well trained over the years.  We have heard her sing a greatly diverse genre of songs, and are trying to comprehend how at this point she allowed herself to completely embarrass her country – not to mention Pittsburgh, and Wexford.

Wait, we think we’ve figured it out ……

Miss Aguilera was replaced with Little Miss “I’m The S**t” Diva.

Christina Aguilera is effectively gone … her abilities totally overshadowed by the embarrassment she brought to her country by letting her ego take over and totally trash our national tune.

There just isn’t a screen big enough to fit a picture of the clueless award we would like to present to Christina, and honestly even if we hit the lottery we wouldn’t have enough money to ship a trophy that big to her.

Christina, honey (we are using that word in a demeaning fashion for effect), you might want to consider taking some of the millions you’ve made from sales to Americans and run a nation prime time TV ad apologizing to your country.

One the bright side … she did do a great job of making her friend Britney Spears look like a professionally trained classical vocalist.

Click Here for the Reuters article via Yahoo!


PS – We really don’t know what was more embarrassing – the blunder that was Christina during the Super Bowl, or the fact that the local media praised her with exception to singing and incorrect line.  Geez.

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