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Jackie Evancho’s Loss = The Opera World’s Win

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Picture of Jackie Evancho and Sarah Brightman singing together in the final episode of 2010’s America’s Got Talent as seen in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review (c)NBC.

Even looks on Michael Grimm’s face and statements during interviews said it all … What??????  He didn’t believe it either.  Jackie lost the top spot.

But did she really … and did Pittsburgh and aspiring singers everywhere lose notoriety and hope with her not winning first place?

We believe not, for many reasons:

  1. Most of the first place winners on the major talent competitions never go that far.  They get over-hyped and can’t keep up with it.  This isn’t their fault, those competitions are designed to gain advertising income for networks, not really help talent find their place in the world.
  2. Part of the prize was a gig in Vegas.  I think the voting crowd new that was eventually a bad outcome for Jackie (or any 10 year old).  This isn’t because of the influences of Vegas, but the fact that in the Vegas area, there probably aren’t enough opera fans to fill an auditorium for one night, let alone a year of nights.  What do you think Jackie would have felt like come from “screaming fans” to having to give away tickets to see her.
  3. As Pittsburghers, we’re selfish … we want her in the internationally known Pittsburgh Opera where she belongs.

The most positive thing that came out of Jackie making in as far as she did was seeing my ten year old step daughter watching her with more interest than she has in Hanna Montanna. I had the rare opportunity to see that some kids have a broader interest in music and culture that my generation did – and honestly that’s why I am personally glad Jackie did not win the number one spot that included the Vegas gig. She now has a chance to find a place where she can influence a whole new generation of cultural kids and opera goers of all ages, races, and classes.

Michael Grimm will bring excellent talent to a Vegas show and help his grandparents get a new home, while Jackie has and will help and entire city. Click Here for a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article on Jackie.

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Jackie — we award you and SWB kudos for doing things at the age of ten that others can’t do at the age of forty!


PS – No smart comebacks on this one, but it would be really cool to see Michael and Jackie on stage together other than the AGT tour.

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