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Review: Lost On Planet China

Very few times do you see us review a book, but when we find one that just stands out like a proper sarcastic verbal lashing … we have to tell you about it.

While checking out the bargain books at Joseph Beth in SouthSide Works, we came across “Lost On Planet China (*or how he became comfortable eating live squid)“. That’s just one of those titles you can’t pass up.  We’ve never read anything by J. Maarten Troost before, but I can tell you – we will be reading the rest of his books.

If you like a little sarcasm with a life adventure topped of by the mystery of another land …. Lost On Planet China is definitely a find.  It’s a true tale of a typical guy like you trotting through China (his wife wanted to move to Monterey). How can you resist hearing about delicacies like Yak, stories of the Red Guard, and the lovely customer service at hotel check-in desks?

The style is that of either SWB or PittGirl (that’s church) in China … really.

At point blank, you discover through his writing that the China of past history is gone, and a new China has emerged – quite different than you typically hear of – but never having lost it’s quirks.

At last check, there were a few left at about $7 at Jo Beth, so grab ’em while you can. Make sure you have some read time – this isn’t one of those books you can read at a few pages per day.


PS – It’s a true story – which makes the tales of going through China even more amazing and real than ever.

  1. May 1, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    dang cool stuff bro.

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