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Thoughts For The Strange – deep thinkers list

Here’s some stuff to think about – don’t try real hard, we have no funding for lawsuits if your brain melts.

  1. If you put a car with a manual transmission in gear and push it backwards on the path you drove it forward on, will it scoop up the exhaust and reformulate it back into gasoline allowing the most green action possible by a motor vehicle.
  2. While pushing that car, can you avoid a hernia?
  3. If you call pigeons the dirtiest animals on earth, don’t you hurt the feelings of most pigs?
  4. If kayakers are padding up the river when the sewage plant releases overflow, are they now paddling up s**t crick?
  5. Are Hollywood people really THAT far out there with their behaviors? – or are you really just that boring?
  6. If you are clueless and constantly talking and immune from the pain of your cluelessness, will someone else’s head eventually explode from the pain of your ceaseless empty thoughts? (this could be a scientific study here)
  7. Is the number ‘7’ real?
  8. Which do you think is more likely to happen: A) People helping a dying man on the street after he’s been stabbed -or- B) People helping a mob boss load a body back into the trunk of his car?
  9. Which smells better …. standing in a field of wildflowers -or- standing a virtual reality field of wildflowers.
  10. When life gets tough, do the tough really get going … or do they just flex a bit?


PS – think long and hard, eventually the pain will stop …

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