Speeding for God

It’s time for that colorful Clueless and Confused sign to show up in preparation for a trophy hand out.

This time it’s for the ‘messiah’ … yup, he showed up in Squirrel Hill (click here to check out the PG article by Sadie Gurman).  If you want to find him, just look for the newly wrecked smoking car.

There’s nothing like plowing into a synagogue at a high rate of speed with a car to show off your messiah like qualities.  It’ll definitely convince people you just kicked off the second (or first – depending on your beliefs) coming of the promised one.

It also gets you the latest Clueless Trophy from SWB.  You can’t beat that – unless you get a real replica made and hold it in a death grip during your insanity trial.

Anyway – it’s nice to see that the clueless have improved so much of their capability to become even more clueless.


PS – Just read the article, it just says it all about this Darwin Award wannabee.

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