It’s Getting Cleaner Here

We’ll, according to an article from The Post-Gazette as written by Don Hopey (click here to read it), the air here is getting cleaner and we’ve lost our status as worst air in the U.S.

Just like Pittsburgh to lose another title that gains us notoriety – we used to have one of the best baseball team (look where that status is now), one of the biggest world industries, and now we’re losing our pollution levels!

When is it going to stop ?!?!?!

Ok … for yinz folks that have a hard time recognizing sarcasm, those sentences above (including the inappropriate and bad grammar) included a tad bit of sarcasm.

This is actually a good thing, as less air pollution means you can enjoy another cigarette (for the clueless – a tad more sarcasm here).

Anyway – if you get a chance, click here to read the article – it’s very informative and something we can actually take pride in, because it is something that will inspire people to live here (breathing clean air is a fairly good thing for most humans).


PS – No, we’re not promoting smoking (unless it’s sausage, chicken, ribs, or ham, etc)

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