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Like It Matters

… and that post title was ripped right off another guy’s blog.

Yup … we admit it.  It’s from a blog called Like It Matters.

If ur smart enough, you’ll click on the linky thing to check it out.

Yeah – it’s a blog by a Reverend that is a licensed marriage and family counselor in a church.  We normally just add a blog to out link list when we find a cool one, but whether or not you believe in what the writer believes (or whether we do or not) … this one is really good – along with a bit edgy and ranty.  We like that.

It’s not just about religion – but everything.

In other words, check it out.  If your views mesh, still read it.  Discuss it.  Think (that’s that lost process humans did allot in early days).


PS –

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