The Geek Thing

Alright, I’ve been out a bit not blogging because I’ve been doing the “geek thing”.  In other words I’ve been trying to get VMWare to run on Ubuntu Linux Server using Webmin to control it all after Ubuntu did a kernel update that threw off the installer for VMWare.

… that should have lost ya.  But then again, remember, if there weren’t geeks you wouldn’t have blogging.

What does that have to do with Pittsburgh?

Well, for one, there are lots of geeks in Pittsburgh (notice places like CMU).  Lot’s of the advances in technology get started here. Some of the entertainment technology you enjoy was or is developed here (the interactive TV systems on cruise boats were initially developed here, and some of the virtual rides you go to Disney to enjoy are created and tested here).

Didn’t realize all some of that, did ya?

There are many things in Pittsburgh people forget about … and the geeks of the city made them happen.

So, when you see themz types of people working outdoors on their nifty netbooks – thank them.  If they weren’t alive, you might actually have to write to a single pen pal, or actually remember directions in your car, or play a board game with your kid.


PS – We are officially calling next month (May) techie geek appreciation month.  If you see anyone working on a netbook, you should buy them a cup of coffee and a Dunkin Donut.

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