National Tea Party Part 2

When people start flying the flag upside down, get quoted as saying “My grandparents didn’t come over here for this”, and now refer to the government as a “two party dictatorship” … there is something going wrong or has gone terribly wrong with out system of checks and balances. (BTW – some of these things are quotes from Craig Smith’s National Tea Party article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  Please Click Here to read it).

In my opinion, the worst and best things to happen at the same time is the health care reform.

Does it need done? Yep.

Was it smart to building in on the foundation of wet sand that is the current health care system in America? Nope.

Health care needed reformed, better yet, just scrapped and recreated.

But is that really the main issue? No.

When you have lobby orgs big enough to inject thousands and thousands of dollars into election coffers, etc just to influence what they want, you now start completely ignoring what Americans want … thus pushing the “power of the vote” off to the side – along with the Americans behind it.

If your not smart enough to figure out that that’s a big slap in the face to those that have died fighting to protect our freedom.

Even having someone quoted as saying our country is now a “two party dictatorship” (a totally bipartisan statement) is a huge red flag that something needs fixed soon. People quickly forget that last two times people were this fed up with a situation in American and took action because they so strongly were against it were the Revolutionary War, and The Civil War.  Neither of those actions were pretty.

This is not condoning or stating any physical action needs done by the National Tea Party or anyone else, but simply stating that if Americans are starting to protest in the same ways and same levels as the people that actually live in countries with dictators, maybe the politicians in charge (who tend to forget they work for us) need to uncover their ears and actually listen a bit to the general public (the ones that actually formed and continually form this country).


PS – Ok, I think that’s my bit of political rant for the month.

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