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City Life In Used Shoes

Is this another one of those posting where we use a catchy title just to get someone to read the posting so we get hits on it?


But someone will read it.

While Market Square downtown is getting completed around me and the sounds of some uncoordinated idiot dropping something in the food court of PPG place sing in my ears I figured I write about my used shoes in the city.

That’s right … they are starting to crack, they smell, and now the same color as the bricks on the walkway.  I know that the only thing you want to know about is that they smell … there’s gotta be a few people into weird things like that.  I’ll put them up for sale on Ebay if anyone is interested.  They’re the original shoes used to walk most of the grounds while shooting pics for Pittsburgh By Mini Cam, so the collectibility value is up there.

That’s the whole post … I mean how much can you write about old shoes???

What did you expect?  Substance?

Oh, Get Real People!!!

They’re old, they hurt my feet, and they smell bad … that’s it!


PS – If yinz can get some of the local politicians to do something stupid I’ll have something better to write about (with lots of substance … which means you probably won’t read it).  Geez.

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