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City Blooms and Phipps Shows

Trees Blooming In The City.

No, we’re not talking about work or construction blooming in the city … but the trees are opening up in full bloom.  It’s one of the few times you can imagine the city as a welcoming garden.

It’s also a reminder that the Spring Show at Phipps has started.  We don’t have any pics here, but it looks great and you need to check it out.  Many changes have happened at Phipps over the last few years, along with the Presidential visit … which makes the show much different this year.  It’s worth taking it in.  The outside of Phipps should be getting into bloom now too, which makes for the overall experience of the Conservatory spill out from inside the glass walls.  Where else can you experience a rain forest without fighting off massive bugs?  The Butterfly Forest will also be showing up April 24th – a reason to go back after seeing the Spring Show.


PS – I’m sure if you really want large bugs as part of your Phipps Rain Forest experience, and you donate a large sum to the conservatory – they’ll make an effort to find a few over sized mosquitoes to accommodate your needs.

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