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Spring Break Blah Blah Blah

We, we went into hiding for a bit because we got depressed with the job situation (actually not, but I’m trying to get on Dr. Phil so I can snag up one of those free Prevention Magazine subscriptions he gives out).

Alright … we’re not depressed (but write in to Dr. Phil about us anyway … once he reads the blog we should be guaranteed a guest spot so he can do a case study on us).  The truth is it’s just spring break, and along with a heavy work time for me, there is the job of entertaining a 9 year old … so we took a break from creating the electronic tar and chocolate we call writing – and what others call $%#^$#%.

For those not in the know … Spring Break in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas is a little different than it is on Daytona, etc.  Although it is abundant in fun with flooding, road construction, and now unseasonably hot days … we still seem to miss out on the more fun juvenile things that places like Daytona have to offer.

Is it because Pittsburgh is really that dull and boring? No.  It’s because it’s still supposed to be cold, so nobody schedules anything … and if they did, road construction would probably keep you from getting to the event anyway.

So what do Pittsburghers do during Spring Break that others miss out on?  Well, mostly watch the kids.  Yup, that’s it … watch the kids.  Simple and exciting (at least it’s better than watching paint dry) – we’re not too demanding for our fun here.

Actually I gave myself a break and dropped the kid off at Fun Buy The Pound so I could enjoy a bit of coffee … which means I’ll end up having to pop about $20 for a toy she finds in the store while playing, and nobody paid for my coffee today, which means I’ll be out a total of $24.  Actually nobody ever pays for my coffee … you’d think after doing this since 2006 (and now being seen as a big time journalist type guy) somebody would donate $4 to my cause of producing really bad writing and keeping spell checking sites and software in business.  Hmmm ….

Anyway … enjoy the Spring Break, we’ll be back consistently after Monday, the 5th.


PS – Toys, toys, toys … there’s gotta be a way to get kids to hate ’em.

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