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DJ Lawrence (OMV) back at Tusca Tapas

I normally don’t push events I work at on this blog, but due to the long break courtesy of the February snow storm here … I have to try to get some customers back (did that sound like enough of s sob story to may you feel bad, but professional enough to promote the event?).

Anyways, Click Here for the event link in Bar Smart.

There is a link to my events website that allows you to request music when I am at Tusca (normally Fridays 5pm until ???).  Since the month of April is National Jazz Month, the music can range anywhere from 70s/80s/current to smooth or other forms of jazz.  The programming, genres, and styles change throughout the year – so give us feedback on what you want.

BarSmart is where I will have the main postings on events I do at Tusca, but keep alert to The Tribune Review, Pittsburgh City Paper, etc.


PS – if you don’t dance, you can still hang out … it’s a good way to get some down time from the kids during this last stretch of Spring Break.

BTW – Tusca Tapas is in SWB Recommends, not because we work there, but because the Chefs are that good.

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