Going Back To The Roots

There’s nothing like going back to the roots of something (even if there is construction in the way).  Ours is Crazy Mocha in SouthSide Works sitting with one of their huge peanut butter cookies (it won’t be there long).

Sounds fattening, and strange to be conversing with a cookie, right?  So be it …

… and some things are meant to just be strange.

Yep … sum mor thoughtz for the strangez. (no those aren’t typos … their spelled wrong for absolutely no reason at all, except to maybe tick of my old high school English teach if she’s still alive).

This morning I looked at one of my dogs and asked “Do you understand anything we say, other than ‘treat!’?””

She responded by giving me a “You are way to stupid to even start comprehending what I know” look.

Makes you wonder.

I still think dogs are just waiting for the human race to extinguish itself so they can have the planet.  Maybe those goofballs that say dogs are just external shells for tiny aliens waiting to take over are actually privy to information the rest of us choose to ignore.  Hmmmm ……

Well, anyway, going back to your roots makes you thing of such strange things as above, and the following:

  • If I write something completely insane and completely lacking in any journalistic capability …. why do more people read it?
  • If I at the end of a posting I state “you need professional help if you take any part of this posting seriously” … why do people actually think they need to take the posting seriously and they DON’T need professional help?
  • If I write something that an actual journalist thinks IS decent writing … why do people not read it?
  • If I actually find a way to read my pet’s thoughts … will I find out that they actually hate me and are only sucking up for treats?
  • Did the tadpoles I brought in for the winter going into hiding or actually commit suicide because I put them in my step-daughters room?
  • If I turn a light switch on, is there actual light? … or is it just my well trained imagination making me think I see light?
  • Is life really life, or just life?
  • If the gate stops working at the parking garage, will they get mad at me for driving through it to get out?
  • Was anyone ever annoying enough that they were forced to “walk the plank” off one of the Gateway Clippers?


PS – Strange, just strange.

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