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More Blah Blah Blah … but mildly sunny

Did you ever wonder what a politician is … I mean, besides the description we probably can’t print even in our blog. Well, if you click on the word, it’ll give you the wiki definition.

Basically, it’s someone that is influential in the decisions of the public. You can usually spot them by the pockets full of gift cards for bribe making (using money is illegal now, so they’re being creative … most likely you’ll get a Bed Bath and Beyond card if you having a decision that needs influencing).

Now, I’m not sure how people went from being true politicians (people that actually influence public decision making without bribes or bribing), but I assume it’s because of food.


Well, how can you say “no” to someone who sticks a fat juicy steak in front of you with all of the fixings (maybe a Morning Star version for those non-meat eaters)?

I can imaging the conversation:

(before dinner)

“Well, I want to get a ‘yes’ decision on hanging offenders for stealing baked goods.”

Poltician – “We can’t possibly do that, it’s just immoral and unethical, not to mention insane!”

(after dinner – premium steak, fresh baked goods, the best wines)

“Just to make sure, can we possibly get you to reconsider allowing us to hang offenders that steal baked goods?”

Politician – “Sure … but we need make sure they are dropped from high enough that their neck breaks instantly so it’s humane.”

See … that’s where politician’s first dropped from grace and ended up in the bribe infested world they are now in … all because of food.


PS – I guess everyone falls short somewhere.

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