The New University

Well, it’s happening, you can Click Here to read aibout it in The City Paper Article “What’s Up Chuck?” by Chris Young.

What’s going on?

Well, the business side of colleges and universities are basically taking over with a typical Pittsburgh corporate business model … aka “make all of the decisions we want without any input from those actually in the business”.

In other words, the university and college staffers are starting to experience what the rest of us in the Pittsburgh business climate have experienced all of our lives … stress caused by the people that know little but make the decisions ignoring the people that are in the “trenches” and know almost everything.

Now, maybe some places in universities need a little cleanup, for example in accounting methods, etc … but any massive and instantaneous change (no matter how much for the good) can potentially screw things up bad and beyond repair.

It seems like Chuck Daugherty possibly has been taking Duquesne University in this direction since he kicked law-school Dean Don Guter to the curb.  The City Paper article documents the issue and complaints very well (which includes anything from the sale of WDUQ-FM to the cutting of four men’s sports teams), so check it out.

We might as well give a “Clueless Trophy” to Chuck at Duquesne and see how far he can go with it.  I have a feeling we’ll be highlighting him again.


PS – it was bound to happen … the dumbing down of our prized learning institutions to the corporate operational level found in the cities companies.

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