Did I Really Do That?

Well, it’s a few days after St. Patty’s day (the Pittsburgh parade and party day that is … that’s a note for the outsiders not realizing Pittsburgh tends to celebrate on the weekend with the parade, not necessarily on the actual day), and hopefully you’ve recovered enough to get back to work.

If you haven’t – then get back to sleep … the “Twitter beep” your phone just gave you alerting you to this post isn’t worth it just yet.

If you have recovered enough to be on your way to work (or already there), the next thing coming to most peoples mind is … “what pictures hit work before I did, and am I ready to deal with them”.

There is a simple and well tested resolution to this problem … avoid everyone.

That’s right … avoid everyone.

So, how do you do that? … I mean most work places are crammed tight as companies try to get the most per square foot out of any space they own, lease, or rent.

If you realized what are you live in (cell cams, netbook cams, mini cams, etc … and the internet) when you started your current job, you would have taken the time to scout out useful places where you work. Those are places like unused cubes, janitor’s closets, offices abandoned due to outsourcing, etc. Not only can you use those places for a quick snooze while you continue to recover from the party weekend, they are perfect to make a quick escape into when you overhear your coworkers talking about the pic Jill snapped of you trying to balance yourself on top of the beer tap (and of course the end result of you not being successful at it).

Now if your smart … you’ll not just find the location of these places, but check them out ahead of when you need to use them. Janitor’s closets can be a tad smelly at times, and you never know what an ex and disgruntled employee did to an office after he or she was told their job is now in some unheard of suburb of some obscure Romanian city. Empty cubes are about the best bet for hiding from the St. Parry’s day weekend pics or other pics of mistakes you made under the influence of something you shouldn’t continued drinking. Cubes without doors are out in the open enough that most ex employees don’t have the guts to do anything in ’em.

Anyway … if you had to hide to avoid your coworkers today, you have SWB’s advice.  If you choose to ignore it, be prepared to be on one of your works friends Clueless and Confused posts, or on of their “So Stupid” company wide e-mails, etc.

Don’t say we didn’t warn or try to help you get out of answer “Did I really do that???”


PS – The best bet was to not drink that much anyway … but if your a corporate time, anything that makes that much sense is forbidden.

  1. March 15, 2010 at 10:55 am

    A few days AFTER St. Pat’s Day? Did I miss something?

    • SWB
      March 15, 2010 at 11:08 am

      If you are outside of Pittsburgh that’s a good catch …. the “party weekend” in Pittsburgh this year was on the March 13th weekend. We Pittsburgher’s couldn’t wait to get out in the rain dreary weather to see a parade.

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