Pittsburgh Education

This photo is in my photo blog Pittsburgh By Mini Cam, and when I looked at it more closely I noticed one item in the pic that you normally don’t see even close to a beer house … a school bus.

Now, this won’t be ranting about some bus driver stopping by for a brew or getting drunk while joy riding the kiddies around the Burgh … but about the cool reasons the bus is there (and maybe one or two not cool, but humorous reasons).

Think about it:

  • There could be an actual field trip … if there is, I want to talk to whatever school is doing it – because I got shafted and only got the standard field trips like Laurel Caverns, Children’s Museum, etc … and I WANT my beer field trip.
  • Someone could actually likes the place enough they’re camping out in a Blue Bird bus.  I wonder if HB would run private taps out to them. Considering Blue Bird buses are actually considered “hip” now, SSW would probably like this.
  • The Iron City folks are trying to intimidate the HB folks out of the city … and the HB staff is actually making a run for it.
  • The patio is flooded, and the general manager thought a school bus would be a cool overflow area.
  • The bus is actually rented for St Patty’s day to return the VIP’s to Claddagh.
  • Use your imagination … the sky is the limit when good beer is involved.

… a few thoughts for the strange (who else would pick up on a school bus in from of HB?)


  1. Your Wife
    March 11, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    That’s hilarious. This could explain that school bus accident by our elementary school a few months back. Makes you wonder.

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