Strip District Religion

Let’s talk religion.

Nope, don’t worry WORD-FM hasn’t taken over my blog … not yet (the restraints on the doors seem to still be holding).

Well, The Strip District is known (or maybe was) for being the main place for Pittsburgh nightlife.  Conveniently it also has a nice and historic church.  So, think about it … normally the only “religion” going on in the strip late night weekends is people “praying to the porcelain god”, and normally that’s done is a cold club restroom.

Why do that, when you have the comforts of a church (and not to mention God happens to be there … just in case your drinking went WAY to far – which is about the point in life where many finally “get religion” … ie. “Ohhhh Goooooood, I’ll NEVER do this again if you just make the pain stop … I’ll NEVER drink again, I promise …. honest.”)

So, why do that in a cold club rest room, right?  If you think even further, it saves you the heavy embarrassment of your friends remembering you doing the late night porcelain go praying in front of them … because most likely there’s a fat chance their going to be in a church.  There are perks like that to consider when you have religion in the strip district.

Just a thought for the strange.


PS – 9pm Friday night to about 1pm Sunday morning is involuntary prayer time in The Strip District.  Since St. Patty’s Day is this weekend, you might want to reserve space.

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