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Another day of no school

I’m sure everyone can relate to this at this point (even people without kids).

In some areas, the kids are home again … even after a record number of days off due to storms.  You’d think the schools would hold importance on making up required days over more days off.  Granted some of those days off are for parent teach meetings, but most of that can be done via e-mail and phone calls in a situation like this.

My priorities for the small one that I am responsible for is her education, not conferences or in service days.  Sorry … all the other country’s kids are getting way ahead of us because they don’t skimp.

There will be yelling and screaming and gnashing of teeth once the school district(s) tell the parents of the extended school year (South Beach will just have to wait).

I guess I’ll take the little one down to the Museum or Science Center to at least continue her education so that she gets something out of the day.


PS – Jobs going to other countries … wonder why.

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