Brain Block

Writers block … bad for the novalist, but really bad for the blogger trying to fire off at least two posts a day.

Actually I consider it more of a brain block.  when you can’t write it seems nothing else works also (speech, common sense, etc) … hmmm, almost makes me sound like a politician.  Maybe I really could do the governor thing 😉 … the Gov seems to have a hard time doing it.

Well, we’re getting a new one soon (or at least we are electing one … Nov 2, 2010). The only problem is that nobody knows many of the people running, and hasn’t bothered researching them.

Seems like a big case of brain block … “oh my,  we have to elect someone, whadda we do now????”

From what we have running, grabbing a few craps dice from The Rivers and deciding that way might be more effective than actually voting … it can’t be worse.

Here we go again ….


PS – Don’t get the idea that I hate politicians … I just dislike the suits they wear.

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