Life is good …

Well … the snow is going away, my car is now legal to drive, I have two dogs staring at me while I’m writing this …

Life is good.  I’m broke from the cost of the inspection, but life is good.

I figure if I keep saying that enough …

Anyway … another day of late blogging because there is no wi-fi near the dealership.  It’s in the South Hills, so there are no hip coffee houses to go to.  I guess not every town can be “cool”.

So, SWB is left to late, caffeine-less, lame posting because my brain only works from about 9am to 3pm … considering the experts say your brain starts deteriorating around the age of 27, I’m quite happy mine works at all … although some people do have an opinion about that.


PS – Only two more days in the week to get Dunkin’ Donuts from the Pittsburgh store … I could get a little edgy.  Beware. If you see me driving behind you with a determined “I have to get to Dunkin'” look, just let me pass …

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