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I finally got my car to inspection

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

… and they told me it was going to be about $650 for me to be allowed to use my car after March.

Obviously these people haven’t seen cars from Ohio and West Virginia … they’d slap a sticker on mine pronto if they did.

Oh well, what else did I expect (after the new car got a tire damages, the old Honda got it’s windshield cracked, and air born coffee ended up in the keyboard of my laptop).

I figured I’d vent so the rest of yinz going through inspection this month could vent with me … enjoy the holiday, it only happens but once a year.


PS – I mean really … some of these other cars  running on the roads don’t even have doors …

BTW – I’ll have a bit more tomorrow, when I get a chance to do something other than sit in an auto hospital waiting room drinking bad coffee with no Wi-Fi.

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