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Review: Under Cover Boss and 7-Eleven

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Click on Pic to go to “Undercover Boss. Click Here to go to 7-Eleven.

Having become a hater of reality shows over the years, You’ll be shocked to hear from me that this show is actually worth watching, at least the 7-Eleven episode.

Shows like the Bachelor pretty much just become legal soft porn … I don’t say that because I go to church, but because I have a step-daughter that can learn from shows like that that she has to act like a nymphomaniac floozy to get a man to marry her.

If you didn’t see the 7-Eleven episode, watch it online.  It’s especially relieving to see a CEO that worked up the ranks, and even before the show he actually showed signs of balance between getting $$$ for his owners/shareholders and taking care of day to day operations (including employees).  He was not at all the totally detached being that many CEOs tend to be.  That is an extreme rarity.

The other surprise was that when he heard the one employee state (as many state is low level jobs) that it was a dead end … he actually felt bad.  This may be the first CEO I’ve seen in decades that actually seemed to care that an employee didn’t want to stay in the company.  He encouraged that employee to think differently and became his mentor to prove it.  Standing behind his words I watched Joe DePinto gain the respect of his employees.

Why is that?

Personally … I think the main reason is the fact that this CEO actually worked up the ranks, he didn’t graduate college and jump into a high ranking position right out of school, never knowing what happens in the rest of the company.  He also was in the military, so you could see a good respect towards other coworkers at all levels in him from that.

Maybe he needs to quit being a CEO and train the other ones who could care less about employees, or keeping those employees jobs around for them to have.  Maybe he could teach them there is actually something more important than picking the color of your private plane.

Hmmm …. a CEO that is a REAL CEO – I didn’t thunk that’d happen again in my lifetime.  Due to that and seeing the quality of operations (not to mention us actually liking the stores), we are going to recommend 7-Eleven to our readers.


PS – I’d actually go work for this place, if I could even get half of what I used to make. A huge KUDOs to Joe DePinto for having the guts to do the show, and actually being a human being before, during, and after it!

BTW, 7-Eleven can now be found in SWB Recommends!

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